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Gabriella Montez


June 1st, 2009

Right Here (rp for [info]rthere_rtnow)

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OOC: Takes place sort of after THIS THREAD

Gabriella had a newspaper with her when she went to meet Troy. She didn't know how they were going to make it work, but after the trip that everyone had paid for, she knew that she loved him and that stolen bikes or broken trucks just weren't cutting it anymore.

An apartment. She didn't have a job yet, but she figured she could find one on-campus easily. Gabriella wasn't sure about Troy just yet, but she'd see. She'd ask him.

A few different places were circled, all with cheap rents. One bedroom apartments that were right in-between Stanford and Cal, so they each could get to school easily. Or at least, it would be the fair thing to do.

Once Troy arrived at the first apartment they were going to look at, she ran up to him and kissed him, arms around his neck. "Hey there, Wildcat. I've missed you." She paused. "And I'm sorry if I don't remember much of that party you took me to, let's promise no more parties. I'm not a party girl, anyway! I'm just... me." She shrugged, hoping he'd forgive her and that they could move on.

She hoped.

April 15th, 2009

Gabriella's UTR history (the Cliff Notes version)

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After Gabriella Montez broke up with Troy Bolton back at Lava Springs, she was caught in a whirlwind and landed at UTR. She met Henry Tudor (not knowing he was King Henry VIII at the time) over the internet, and his sexual interest in her caused him to fly her out to meet him. He bought her an apartment of her own and clothes as well, all while pretending to be a "friend" to her. Gabby left her floundering karaoke club and moved to L.A., but ended up dating Henry as soon as he realized she wouldn't sleep with him. Gabby, for her part, was on the rebound, but eventually fell in love with Henry because he promised her everything that Troy never could -- undivided attention and support.

Things became troubled once rumors started flying around that Henry was sleeping with other people while dating Gabby, and he denied them. Around October 31, at a party at Henry's place in Las Vegas where Gabby tried desperately to fit in with his various wives and family members, Henry realized he had to confess to Gabby what he had done. In her desperation, she turned to Henry's son for support, but the magic that night caused Henry Fitzroy to turn Gabby into a vampire. Gabby then found Henry and attacked him, punishing him by draining him of a lot of blood while they had sex together for the first time.

The kiss she shared with Henry Fitzroy caused minor problems, too, but Gabby was preoccupied with the fact that she hurt Henry and had sex with him. Their relationship took another turn as they broke up, then got back together only to find that Henry had de-aged while Gabby had aged and become Gabriella Tudor, wife of Henry. They slept together, and young!Henry lost his virginity to Gabby in a weird twist of fate. When the spell ended, their relationship was strained again, so Henry asked Aphrodite to age Gabby back in the hopes that this time, their relationship would work and the more mature Gabby could accept Henry for who he was. She did, but she also retained the memories of a more responsible Henry, so it failed. Gabby eventually asked Aphrodite to change her back, without any of the memories of being an adult, in exchange for babysitting her children. Gabby hoped by being young again, she and Henry would match up finally, and he would maybe have learned something from all they've been through so far.

Henry learned that he had to give Gabby something to make her feel more secure about their relationship, and so he gave her a promise ring that she wears all the time now. She considers it to be what it is supposed to be -- a promise to get married someday. Just as she started to feel more relaxed in her life, Sharpay entered UTR. The two became BFFs, and Sharpay has even started to date someone who looks exactly like Troy. It's a little strange for Gabby to get used to both of those things, but she's trying.

March 18th, 2009


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Subject: Hey there, girlfriend

Dear Tay,

You'll never guess! Well, okay, you'll probably guess since it was your devious little plan that started the whole thing, but Troy and I -- well, we... you know! And it was perfect. I can't believe how perfect it was.

The trip was over too soon, though.

I'm thinking (and I know this will sound weird) about getting an apartment with Troy. What do you think? I know I thought I'd live with Mom freshman year, but Stanford is still over 30 miles away from Cal, plus he's got a roommate and I've got Mom.

So, what do you think? Don't tell anyone yet, okay? Especially Sharpay, because she's been really nice to me, helping out with paying for the trip, but she's got a big mouth, too.


March 4th, 2009


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So whether it was Henry, Troy, or Sharpay who did it? Thank you for paying for Gabby's journal.

You are CRAZY! <333

February 25th, 2009


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(This is the UTR!version of Gabby)

01.) Full name? - Gabriella Montez
02.) Best friend? - Used to be Taylor McKessie before she landed in UTR. Now, she doesn't have a best friend at all.
03.) Sexuality? - Heterosexual, totally.
04.) Favorite color? - White or black, depending on her mood. It used to be pink until she met Sharpay.
05.) Relationship status? - Dating Henry Tudor and is hopelessly in love with him, despite the fact that he sleeps with other women. Poor girl.
06.) Ideal mate? - Someone who will take care of her but let her be her own person, too. Someone smart who loves music and loves her. Someone who will keep coming back to her no matter how many times she might break up with him. *L*
07.) Turn-ons? - Flowers, strawberries, picnics, and snuggling.
08.) Last sexual experience? - She slept with Henry while she was drunk, and he said he loved her! She's counting this as their first time, even though they've had sex twice before through magical means.
09.) Favorite food? - It used to be Zeke's cooking or her mother's. Now, she's gotten spoiled by Henry's extravagance, and likes fancier foods. They're still typically simple, though, like really good paella.
10.) Crushes? - She sort of had a crush on Henry Fitzroy during the whole Halloween mess, and she still finds him attractive. It's mainly because of the kiss he gave her and how nice he is to her, though.
11.) Favorite music? - Whitehall, of course, but now she's learning to work on her own music too and loves that. It tends to be more poppy than rock.
12.) Biggest fear? - Being alone, especially since she has no family and no other close friends here.
13.) Biggest fantasy? - Being married happily to Henry, after he has given up other women. Oh... poor Gabby.
14.) Quirks in bed? - She's still just starting out, so she doesn't have too many yet. She does, though, need to hear the words "I love you" during sex.
15.) Bad habits? - Being so clingy and needy sometimes.
16.) Biggest regret? - Feeling like she somehow "led on" Henry Fitzroy, and all the things she said to Henry's "wives" because she didn't know any better.
17.) Best kept secrets? - None. She's decided to be completely open and honest with everyone, including Henry, now.
18.) Last thought? - "He's perfect."
19.) Worst sexual experience? - That would be when she got turned into a vamp and became a dominatrix to Henry. It took her a long time to realize it wasn't really her, and that Henry didn't seem bothered by it, either.
20.) Biggest insecurity? - That Henry will never want to marry her and settle down, and that he'll always keep looking for sex with other girls. Oh... Gabby.

February 24th, 2009


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I made a new video and song finally! Let me know what you think. I really do want your professional opinion.

Love, Gabriella

November 18th, 2008


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Subject: Hey there, Wildcat

Troy! I miss you. When are you coming back to visit? Maybe we could set up a schedule for dates. Is the truck holding steady?

By the way, can I say how unfair it is that you got to pick your own email address, while mine is just a boring one of my own name? I guess it makes sense because my T.A. was telling me that pretty much all pre-law students need one so we can get our grades emailed to us, but I still think yours is a cooler name than mine.

My bike got stolen! I left it at the bike rack during Psych 101, and when I came out, it was gone. This girl, Nancy, told me that it was because I hadn't locked it up. I guess I'm used to East High, where everyone trusts everyone else. Something else to learn while I'm here!

Mom says anytime you want to come by the house for dinner, you're more than welcome to. I know I'm "missing out" on a lot of the whole college experience by not living in a dorm, but I think Freshman year staying at home with Mom is a good transition for me. Remember how I said everything was always "full steam ahead"? Well, this helps slow it down a little. Although, I do like to eat at the cafeteria every now and then. The food is actually good!

I miss you, Wildcat. Email me back soon. Or call! Or even text. I miss hearing my ringtone whenever you call me.


August 18th, 2008

I have a music video now! (Thank you, Harry!)

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August 5th, 2008


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Gabriella couldn't believe her luck. No scholarships to any of her schools that she wanted! And to top it all off, now she was trapped somewhere else without Mom. And she had a SON.

Forget the fact she was still nursing her broken heart about Troy Bolton...

At least she owned a karaoke place.

But she was this "Nikki" person who had a son alone. Gabriella figured it would be better to give the boy to his father. Shouldn't kids be with their parents? Which only reminded her that her Mom wasn't around, which sucked. Still, it was the responsible and sensible thing to do. And she loved to sing, even if there was no way for her to do any sort of science stuff. Maybe she could pursue her second love! And succeed where this "Nikki McKibbin" girl had failed, right?

She'd just have to get her head in the game.

Sighing, she turned on the TV in her hotel room and saw a music video with a band called "Whitehall". It perked her right up! The music was great, the singer was cute (even if he looked sort of like a jock, which reminded her of Troy, who she wasn't thinking about AT ALL), and she suddenly had a weird feeling of deja vu. Still, she couldn't help but smile. Maybe she was going about this this the wrong way! Sure, it would take time to mend her broken heart. After all, she'd thought he was her fairytale, but now even she could tell that she confused her feelings with the truth...)

She really rambled sometimes. Hmm.

Gabriella called up her manager (how COOL was that?) and asked if she could meet "Whitehall". Maybe THEY were stuck here, too! Then they'd all be in this together.

"Hey, can I meet that guy, too? Uh, whats-his-name, 'King'?" Weird name. "Seriously? Cool, thanks! You are the best manager, EVER!" There was a snort on the line as she hung up, but Gabriella just shrugged it off and smiled.

She felt hope finally! If only she could stop thinking in songs...
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